March 16, 2020 The Table

No Table Gatherings for Now

No Table Gatherings for Now

At this time we are going to postpone official gatherings. We will reevaluate in a couple weeks. With that stated, here are a few more thoughts/invitations :

*Staying spiritually connected. I hope to give a couple short video mediations a week. I will send links to my vimeo page. If you want to interact on the meditation, feel feel to comment on the video. Also, if you want to participate, let me know how we can be praying specifically for your family. Let me know if I can share your requests/praises w/ the group, and I will pass it on.

*Staying socially connected. Staying socially connected can manifest in a few different ways. Let others know if you are heading on a hike, etc. (if you want company). While minding social distancing, we hope to have a campfire at our house at some point. We can obviously stay connected individually w/ texts, facetime, phone calls, etc. However you choose, I invite you to make an effort to connect w/ your church family.

*Serving. In all this, our communities are finding new challenges. Many neighbors have a heightened sense of fear at this time. This is an opportunity for us to get creative and see how we can serve others. We will be wise in how we serve, but we should remember that we carry good news w/ us. Many around us could use some good news, or receive tangible blessings. So, if you have an idea to help those around you, share it! And whatever you do (whether it is having your kids write thank you cards to public servants, or helping others w/ child care, or making a meal) I invite you to make service a part of your new schedule. 

*Supporting Local. With schools and in-dining restaurants closed (among other things), our local economy is going to feel it. I'm not worried if Amazon will make it. So, I invite you to support local businesses in this time (take out meals, book stores, whatever). 

*Giving. The financial needs of the church remain. I invite you to continue giving either by mail (1050 Larrabee Avenue Suite 104 418, Bellingham, WA 98225) or online ( )

Let's stay connected. Let's serve one another. Let's support our community. Let's show the love of Jesus. 

You all are in my prayers. Let me know how I can serve you and your family.