Our Rhythms

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When The Table began in 2010, we imagined a community of people who lived Jesus' values, his rhythms. As we talked and prayed about Jesus' way of living, three words came to our minds time and time again: Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing. These are Our Rhythms.


Hospitality is the rhythm of creating space in our lives and inviting others into relationship, where life and faith are shared. Envision a recent party at The Table, where friends were sharing a meal and fun with neighbors and those from the church. Hospitality is when the circles of my life purposefully overlap with the circles of your life.


Discipleship is the rhythm of intentionally walking in the footprints of Christ, as individuals and as a community. Picture one of The Table’s small groups or worship gatherings, where friends examine Scripture, refining their opinion of who God is together. Discipleship is when the Holy Spirit uses Scripture and people to make us more like Jesus.


Blessing is the rhythm of purposefully leaving the “walls of the church” and home to be the hands of Jesus to those around us. It is seen weekly and monthly when those at The Table visit the sick, tutor children, develop friendships with those different from us, and partner with neighborhood groups to make our world better. Blessing is when we partner with neighbors to bring shalom to our community, in Jesus' name.

Loving Jesus, Serving Bellingham

The Table's vision is to love Jesus. Our mission is to serve Bellingham, especially the Happy Valley neighborhood. The Rhythms of The Table are how Christ has called us to live that mission. They are what we strive for, and what we are longing to live out, for God’s glory. Our Blog is the real-life story of how we're living our rhythms of Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing in action.

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